Eyeing the Future of Real Estate Photography and Virtual Tours With iGUIDE

Are you a Realtor who is trying to stay current in your industry? It’s time you introduced 3D virtual tours and floor plans into your real estate marketing plans to improve the buying process. Your clients are tech-savvy and want the tools for a better experience when it comes to viewing and selling properties. They want quality information, they want it fast, and they’re using virtual tours to guide them into making a decision. Using immersive 3D tours gives consumers the tools they need when buying or selling a home and is key to helping them see properties clearly and concisely. Unlocking these virtual doors lets the sales process begin. Offering iGUIDE with its multifaceted digital technology will give everyone a 20/20 view inside, outside, and with laser-accurate measurements. No 3D glasses required.

Why is iGUIDE so important when it comes to getting the perfect shot at winning a listing?

As a realtor, you know that time management is important. Everyone leads busy lives and providing ways for your clients to get their property on the market quickly and easily is a task. You are their compass who aims them in the right direction on their sales journey. Using iGUIDE virtual tours and floor plans as part of your real estate marketing plan saves time by allowing access to their property without interrupting their daily routine. The iGUIDE is created in one service call and then you can use it to market the home to prospective buyers without a physical visit. While the buyer is intimately engaging with the 3D tours and examining the floor plans, the seller is not inconvenienced by random meaningless visits to their property.


So how do iGUIDE’s virtual tours and floor plans benefit a home buyer?

You have heard the term “eyeballing” when it comes to giving an approximate size of a space. The keyword here is “approximate”. When a home buyer needs to know if their king-sized bed is going to fit in the master bedroom an approximate measurement is not going to cut it. Eyeballing the size of a room without reliable measurements may have them cutting their furniture down to size or cutting you out of a deal. Because there is always more than meets the eye, iGUIDE is the optimum tool for providing a home buyer with the laser-accurate measurements that are displayed on the floor plan and in the iGUIDE Report for posting on the MLS to ensure a great fit every time. Questions about the size or specifications of the property can be answered all in one place. Simply put, iGUIDE is a convenient way for a property to be examined multiple times from a laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

No virtual tour = fewer eyes on your listing

More than half the people looking for a property online won’t start the buyer’s journey for a particular home if a virtual tour is not offered. You can’t afford to lose 50% of your potential leads because of a lack of focus on the best real estate marketing tools available. Keep your buyers’ eyes on the prize by getting your real estate photographer to create an informative iGUIDE 3D tour for your next listing.

So why would anyone want to have 360° tours and a whole bunch of measurements taken of their property?

Current trends in real estate transactions require both an excellent virtual property tour as well as accurate measurements of a home. Interactive presentations encourage engagement with potential buyers allowing them to get a better feel for the property and share information with friends and family.

Simple, usable, reliable information. iGUIDE offers intimate photos of every space within a property that can be used when considering remodeling or selling. When hiring the Property Brothers to renovate and sell a home isn’t an option, 360° tours can assist in explaining an architectural feature to a contractor or highlighting a special zone as part of a virtual tour brochure.

So the “i’s” have it all when it comes to viewing and marketing a property. With iGUIDE, you can give your clients an impressive eyeful.

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